Halal is an Arabic term which can be basically translated to mean “Permissible or Lawful”

The Creator made certain animals of which we have knowledge & of that we do not have knowledge, has permitted certain foods, permissible for human consumption under certain guidelines. Like some animals, some birds, some sea creatures likewise some fruits, some vegetables, some flowers, some roots…etc. that which a human being can consume, digest & is good for health as well. The act of slaughtering itself is preceded by mentioning the name of Almighty. Invoking the name of Almighty at the moment of slaughtering taking further permission From “The Creator” and as interpreted as acknowledgment of Creators right over all things and thanking Him for the sustenance he provides, it is a sign that the life of permitted Bird or animal is taken not in sin or in gluttony, but for Food.

In this context of our business of food that is birds & animals which are permitted for us to consume few parts & few are not, like for Example Blood is Not Permitted (Haram). It is proved that Blood indeed contains virus/bacteria which cause Diseases and is harmful for us, hence it is not permitted.

Halal method is also healthier because after slaughter, blood is drained from the animal's arteries, ejecting most toxins, as the heart continues to pump for a few seconds – leaving less room for growth of micro-organisms. Meat of animals which are slaughtered according to Halal method tend to be softer and healthier compared to the other meats.,

When researching about Halal, don’t let anyone else hold the pen. Do your own research and as you learn more about your present diet, let your diet be better and healthier. Just remember, there are healthy foods and there are healthier foods – your choice!

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